Ryan Cleary, the British teenager arrested last year for his involvement with the notorious LulzSec “hacktivist” hacking gang, is back behind bars after breaching his bail conditions.

Cleary was charged with  charged with launching distributed denial-of-service attacks against the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) .  He  breached his bail conditions by accessing the internet over Christmas, and he used it to contact LulzSec ringleader “Sabu”.

It was really rotten timing. Sabu was recently revealed to have helping the FBI locate and arrest LulzSec members, as well as other associated Anonymous hacktivists,  While a few Anonymous are still defiant, most are scattering like cockroaches or pulling their necks in and erasing as much of their online presence and history as they can.  Cleary was taken back into custody March 5th, the day before the news of Sabu’s forced cooperation with law enforcement had been working secretly for the authorities was made public.  Cleary’s solicitor, Karen Todner, says that her client is being held in Chelmsford Prison.

Rather predictably, Cleary is claiming to suffer from Asperger’s syndrome.

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