Brazilian Police Take Unique Approach at Inspiring Kids to Stay Away From Life of Crime Newswire
Batman speaks to eager students in Brazil

Batman speaks to eager students in Sao Paulo, Brazil

You may have heard of groups like The Real Life Super Hero Project, where people go forward in the real world dressed as unique superheroes and do what they can to legally fight crime and help their fellow citizens in a myriad of ways. What has to be a truly inspiring twist on this is being done so by the Sao Paolo Police Department in Brazil, who have employed a retired police officer to dress up like Batman and help teach kids about how they can stay safe and help others.

As originally reported by the BBC, Andre Luiz Pinheiro a retired Brazilian Police Officer delighted school children as he was introduced by his fellow officers as Batman while wearing the iconic outfit. And while he doesn’t carry the famous weapons of Batman, he uses the legendary crime-fighter’s wit and charm to engage the children of Sao Paolo in attempts to show that the Police, like Batman, are a force for good. Playing football with kids and holding public speaking events, the caped crusader spreads his message of hope and desire to make Brazil a safer place to live, as more and more children fall victim to gangs and narcotics fueled violence which has gripped the country for far too long.

The local Police have stated they took the novel approach as an attempt to help protect children and prevent them from becoming the criminals of tomorrow, as gangs are actively recruiting kids at increasingly younger ages. It may be too soon to know if Pinherio’s Batman’s message of unity and crime prevention will be heeded by the star struck youths, but it’s safe to say he’s already got a large fan club which is hanging on his every word.

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