It’s been a wild ride, but here we are, celebrating 15 years of From our humble beginnings on April 10, 2009, to becoming a beloved staple in the science fiction and geek culture community, this milestone is a testament to our passion and the loyalty of our incredible listeners.

The Origins of

Back in 2009, Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox saw a gap in the world of online entertainment. There was no dedicated science fiction radio station to accompany their gaming sessions, so they decided to create one. Krypton Radio was born, and with it, a new era of geeky broadcasting began.

What started as a small, passionate project quickly gained traction. By 2011, we had transitioned into a formal business, and in 2013, we became Krypton Media Group, Inc. This move helped us become self-sustaining by 2015. Fast forward to 2021, and we rebranded as to better reflect our expanding universe??.

Our Unique Contribution to Fandom isn’t just another radio station. We mix music from iconic movies, TV shows, and video games with talk shows, classic radio series, and in-depth discussions on all things geek. Whether it’s the thrilling adventures of “The Shadow,” the heroic tales of “The Adventures of Superman,” or original content like “The Event Horizon” and “Docking Bay 94,” we’ve got something for every fan??.

What makes us stand out is our commitment to delivering content that resonates with fans worldwide. We’re not just broadcasting; we’re building a community where enthusiasts can share their love for science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and comic books.

Over the past 15 years, has made a significant impact on the sci-fi and fantasy landscape. While we haven’t yet snagged a Hugo Award nomination (and frankly and unabashedly, we’d love it if that were to happen some day), our contributions to the community have been recognized and appreciated by our listeners.

A Labor of Love

In the world of sci-fi fandom, longevity is a badge of honor. Many fan-driven initiatives struggle to maintain momentum, but has not only endured but thrived. This is a testament to the dedication of our founders and the unwavering support of our audience.

For us, is more than a business; it’s a labor of love. With backgrounds in writing, filmmaking, animation, game design, and more, we pour our creative passions into everything we do. Our love for science fiction is the fuel that drives us, and we strive to create content that we, as fans, would love to hear.

We’ve had a bunch of fan-folk on our team over the years. Gary DaBaum and Willow Leafstorm were our first DJ’s, and both Gary DaBaum and Obi-Shawn Crosby, who does our weekday morning show Good Morning Tatooine, are still with us after all these years. Our writing team includes such superstars as Thaddeus “Answer Man” Howze, science fiction writer, comics historian, and futurist, Lori Alden Holuta, writer and editor, and Susan Macdonald, who apart from Gene Turnbow has written probably more than any other for our web site. We also have a bunch of other contributers like Christian Basel and his Legend of the Traveling TARDIS, Brainvoyager’s show Electronic Fusion, DJ Chaotix and his Frosty Fight Club, and even the Planetary Society’s podcast, Planetary Radio. We’re Together, we make a hub of creativity and a beacon for fans around the globe.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate 15 years, we’re not slowing down. The interest in science fiction and geek culture is only growing, and is poised to remain a key player in the community. With a blend of classic and contemporary content and a passionate team, we’ll continue to be a beloved destination for fans worldwide.

If you want to help keep us going and be part of the family, by the way, we do have a Patreon campaign, and we really encourage you to chip in. Listener support is the only reason we’re still here.

Here’s to the future. Here’s to us. And, here’s to you. We’re proud of our journey and excited for the future. We’re going to stick with it, because we see a continued role for us in the world of sci-fi fandom. We’re going to keep doing what we love: bringing the best of science fiction and geek culture to our incredible listeners. We hope you’ll stay with us on our journey. Fandom is better when we do it together.

SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff is listener supported sci-fi geek culture radio, and operates almost exclusively via the generous contributions of our fans via our Patreon campaign. If you like, you can also use our tip jar and send us a little something to help support the many fine creatives that make this station possible.