Action Comics becomes the most valuable comic ever auctioned with its most recent outing at Heritage Auctions. The comic, featuring Superman’s debut, has set a new record in the industry, going for an eye-watering $6 million.

A comic book authenticated by the Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) recently achieved the highest auction price for a comic book. This occurred at Heritage Auctions on April 4, 2024, where an Action Comics , rated CGC 8.5 and hailing from a Kansas City collection, fetched a remarkable $6 million.

For a considerable period, Action Comics , marking Superman’s first appearance, was recognized as the most valuable comic. However, this changed in 2022 when Amazing Fantasy , rated CGC 9.6, was sold for $3.6 million, temporarily bestowing the title to Spider-Man. Superman reclaimed the top spot in 2023 with a Superman , graded CGC 8.0, sold for $5.3 million. Now, Action Comics has regained its status as the premier comic.

Released in 1938, the initial print run of 200,000 copies of Action Comics sold out. Presently, it’s believed that around 100 copies are still in existence, with 78 documented in the CGC Census. Of these, just 44 have received CGC’s Universal grade, and merely two copies are rated higher than the one recently sold.

In recent years, sales of this iconic comic have been remarkable, with prices including $3.25 million for a CGC 8.5 copy in 2021, $3.4 million for a CGC 6.0 in 2022, and $3.56 million for a CGC 6.0 in 2023.

Matt Nelson, President of CGC, commented on the comic’s significance, highlighting its representation of Superman’s enduring legacy and the dedication of collectors worldwide. He emphasized the comic’s increasing value as evidence of the timeless appeal of comic books and the trust collectors place in CGC-graded items. Nelson reaffirmed CGC’s commitment to preserving these historical pieces for future generations.

Since their creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman comics have consistently ranked among the top sellers in the industry, capturing readers with exciting stories and inspirational themes. Across decades, Superman has adapted to changing eras while preserving his foundational values, represented in comics, radio, TV, movies, and other media.

The Comic and Comic Art Signature Auction at Heritage Auctions ended on April 7.


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