Actress and casting director Barbara Baldavin has died at the age of 85. She was best known as Nurse Holmby in Medical Center, but also appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: twice as Ensign Angela Martine and once as Lisa, a communications officer with no last name.

Barbara Baldavin first appeared in “Balance of Terror” as the young weapons officer who was supposed to marry Lt. Tomlinson. She reprised the role of Ensign Martine in “Shore Leave.” She was supposed to be in “Space Seed” as Yeoman Baker, a friend of Lt. Marla McGivers, but her scene wound up on the cutting room floor. She returned to Star Trek in “Turnabout Intruder,” playing a communications officer named Lisa, who acted as court reporter for the court-martial.

Barbara Baldavin was married to director and casting director Joseph d’Agosta. She herself became a casting director in the Eighties, finding the right actors for the right roles for Matt Houston, Dynasty, Strike Force, and Trapper John, M. D. As an actress, she appeared as a guest in a wide variety of TV shows: Rawhide, Beretta, Charlie’s Angels, and many other old favorites. Her final role was as Dorothy O’Connell in the horror movie Skeeter (1993).

Baldavin is survived by her two sons, Marc and Joseph, and her two granddaughters, Casandra and Justine. She and Joseph d’Agosta were divorced. Our condolences to her family and friends.

Barbara J. Baldavin was born October 18, 1938 in Quincy, Massachusetts. She died of congestive heart failure March 31, 2024 in Manhattan Beach, California.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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