The latest Doctor Who: The Collection announcement short brings back legendary fourth Doctor companion Leela (Louise Jameson) for a dramatic showdown with the Daleks. Set during the final days of the devastating Time War, the trailer finds Leela settled on her adopted homeworld Gallifrey with guardsman Andred after traveling with the Doctor. She bears witness as the Daleks lay waste to the planet and her new life.

Jameson shines as Leela grieves, unleashes warrior fury against the Daleks, and finds joyful reunion with the Doctor amid Gallifrey’s fate. Given the BBC’s expanded “Whoniverse” shorts, these complex trailers could become a companion-focused anthology series.

For now, this one promotes the home release of the meticulously remastered Season 15 featuring Leela’s last adventures with the fourth Doctor across six serials. The Blu-ray/DVD set compiles extensive new and archival special features, from commentary tracks to convention footage and documentaries. Ultimately, a fitting tribute to a beloved era of Who.


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