Santa Claus is a quantum manifestation — also known as Schrödinger’s Claus.

The primordial entity dubbed Santa Claus (along with any numerous such entities worldwide known for the giving of gifts (Saint Nick), distribution of resources (Christmas spiders, Zwarte Pieten), consumption of individuals who fail moral or social obligations (Krampus or Jólakötturinn) and the like has been determined to be a quantum entity.

Such varied manifestations include:

  • Father Christmas: The modern Santa Claus is based on folklore traditions surrounding Father Christmas.
  • In Britain, Father Christmas wears a green cloak, a wreath of holly or ivy, and carries a staff.
  • In Nigeria, Father Christmas is dressed in red and has a white beard.
  • Sinterklaas: In the Netherlands, Santa Claus is known as Sinterklaas.
  • In Aruba, Sinterklaas wears blackface makeup and Spanish-style clothing.
  • Jultomten: In Sweden, Jultomten is a small, old, bearded gnome who travels with goats to deliver presents.
  • Krampus: In Germany, Krampus is a demonic being that whips and kidnaps children who have misbehaved.
  • Three Reyes Magos: In Spain, well-behaved children receive gifts from the three Reyes Magos (three Wise Men).
  • Mikulas: In Central Europe, Santa Claus is known as Mikulas.
  • Befana: In Italy, Santa Claus is known as Befana.
  • Yule Goats and Pixies: In Northern Europe, Santa Claus is associated with Yule Goats and Pixies.
  • Thirteen Yule Lads: In Iceland, Santa Claus is associated with thirteen Yule Lads.

There are many other such legends all around the world. Most or all have been determined to be connected to a Lovecraftian and unknowable being who has become entangled with humanity.

This entity, for reasons they do not choose to enlighten us to, engages in an effort to understand humanity and will periodically when our worlds align, manifest in our reality. Their many properties spoken about in song are based in their non-Euclidean existence.

Able to be aware of all of humanity at all times, by virtue of their static and three-dimensional existence, they are able to understand peer along your temporal framework in the fourth dimension morality, and instantly recognize transgressions against others.

Some cultures make music to attract the attention of this entity others to ward away its more malicious tendencies. Every region has its own interation with this literal spirit of the season with most including songs and paens of kindness in the hopes they will manifest such things in the people of a region as it passes.

Their ability to travel the world in a single night is based solely upon their mutable quantum state, able to engage in superposition manifestations, and as such, they can appear, not by speeding around the world as expected but as a wave of probability appearing in a particular region all at the same time.

Because of their ephemeral state, responding to our expectations, it no longer appears in a single night but as a wave of probability sweeping across the globe, tracked by television programs and news organizations.

During conversations with the being during its manifestations over the centuries, part of their legend recommends a period of non-observance, believed to be a necessary statute, because their observance is suspected to collapse their probability wave and instead of many house getting gifts in a region, only one does, (ironically, it is the house where they are observed).

To offset this, their legend has added an additional coal statute which says if they see YOU, seeing them, you will surely get coal or other undesired outcome unless a proper sacrifice of cookies, milk or other delectable is left behind in penance. Thus, if you see them, and they choose to be distracted by your gift, they may also choose to leave or not to leave a surprise for your efforts.

Mostly, for naughty individuals, they get the standard manifestation of coal particles, and they disappear, to their next probability-defined manifestation.

Others may receive a second visitation, a manifestation which may choose to cart away the offenders for later consumption or otherworldly entertainment.

As to the significance of the quantum manifestation of a travel vehicle and associated totem animals such as polar bears or reindeer, they are likely the Human mind trying to reconcile the appearance of a fifth dimensional being upon their third dimensional consciousness.

Children, whose minds are still forming are able to see the entity in a more perfect state and their expectations become their perception of reality. Few modern scientists have been able to capture meaningful representations of this Chthonic being, since their entire facilities have been spirited away in the night for trying.

“It has since become clearer, however, that the uncertainty principle is inherent in the properties of all wave-like systems, and that it arises in quantum mechanics simply due to the matter wave nature of all quantum objects. In all modern depictions of Santa Clause, he is seen waving.”


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Thaddeus Howze
Thaddeus Howze

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