You weren’t expecting this, were you? Neither were we.
World of Goo is getting a sequel after 15 long years!

World of Goo is 2D Boy’s first released game based upon building questionably stable structures and reaching new heights with cute little balls of goo. It has a very strong Burtonesque aesthetic, though to describe it as such is a gross oversimplification; but that’s because I would not want to accidentally spoil it (yes, I know it’s a 15-year-old game, but it might be new to folks and I don’t want to risk it).

The trailer was released during The Game Awards’ 2023 presentation, along with a link to to provide us with more information about it. Or, it would, but as of now a lot of it is cheeky responses to questions, with the only truly concrete answer is that it’s coming out in 2024. Everything else is links to their social media accounts, and commentary on how happy they are to present a sequel to such a unique puzzle game. While the cryptic teases may be a little disappointing, the fact that a sequel is being made at all is a welcome surprise.


Charles Raven
Charles Raven