Obituary by Tim Griffin

Marilyn “Fuzzy Pink” Wisowaty Niven (1940-2023) was an anchor of Los Angeles fandom for decades. She graduated from MIT at a time when a female computer science major was a real oddity, but being one of a kind always came naturally to her. At the 1967 NYCon, Fuzzy met a writer and decided to keep him. Larry Niven and Fuzzy were married for 54 years, from 1969 until her passing in Tarzana, California on Sunday December 3, 2023. She was 83.

Fuzzy left her mark in many areas. She handcrafted lace at a professional level, editing two magazines on the topic, and ran art shows at dozens of fan conventions. Her friends knew her passions for regency dancing and romances, competitive table-setting at the county fair, fancy afternoon tea, collecting dolls and other things, and quiz shows where she *always* knew the answers (often the right ones).

The homes Fuzzy shared with Larry hosted mah jong tournaments, croquet matches, marathon board-gaming sessions, and grand gatherings for New Year’s, Halloween, Independence Day, and Easter. She was a much beloved aunt, friend, mentor, and wife. We miss her. Perhaps the best way to honor Fuzzy Niven’s legacy is to gather with friends, say her name, and celebrate the various fandoms that bring together our weird, wonderful families of choice.

No memorial services have yet been set, but we will update this article when that information becomes available.

Thank you, Fuzzy Pink, for giving us yourself, and for giving Larry such a wonderful life.


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