Atari is making headlines with by releasing a new cartridge for the Atari 2600 called Save Many. The gaming company is accepting preorders for a physical cartridge designed for their iconic 2600 console. What makes this news even more remarkable is that the Save Mary was originally developed during the console’s prime years but never released. Now, after several decades, Atari is bringing this long-lost gem back to life for eager fans to enjoy once again.

If you want one, preorder your preorder for the limited edition cartridge for $60. They’re only going to be making 500 of these things, so you may need the reflexes of a spastic bongo player to hit that link fast enough to get one.

Save Mary went through an extensive two-year development process, which was quite exceptional during the early gaming era before the NES. It took two full years to produce, where the average timeframe to create a game back then ranged from six to nine months. The game was originally developed by Tod Frye, a seasoned Atari staffer known for his work on the 2600 version of Pac-Man and the Swordquest series 1.

The preorder nets you a silver collector’s edition box and a full-color manual, in addition to the game itself. Again, make sure you do this fast, because once they’re gone, the only way to lay hands on one will be at scalper’s prices on eBay.

A screenshot of the game.
A screenshot of the game.

In the game Save Mary, your objective is to rescue a woman named Mary who is trapped in a rapidly flooding canyon. To aid her escape, you must utilize a crane to construct platforms. Along the cliffside, power-ups appear to assist you, drawing inspiration from the concept introduced in Pac-Man. In a 1989 interview, the renowned Atari founder, Nolan Bushnell, commended the game, stating that it was the “first game in which you rely on construction rather than destruction to save the princess.” You can read the interview here.

Introducing Save Mary, a captivating addition to the collection of recently-manufactured Atari 2600 cartridges. Alongside titles like Mr. Run and Jump and the long-lost game Aquaventure, this Atari XP line offers brand-new gaming experiences. Designed with the utmost care, each cartridge follows the exact standards of yesteryear while incorporating modern enhancements such as beveled edges for pin protection and gold-plated connectors. You’ll need a 2600 to play the game, but you can get an upgraded version of the original console from Atari called the 2600+.


1 Atari’s Swordquest comic returns without the game

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