Today we present the new music video for a new song I Miss You, written, arranged, produced and mixed by Broken Peach. In an apparent first for the Spanish pop band, currently best known for its exquisite and inventive covers, this original song and this performance is something that will change what you think of the band,

The Spanish ensemble singing group Broken Peach is already internationally known and has a tremendous following all over the globe, but they’re mostly known for their innovative covers that add their own spin to the songs, featuring unique stage performances and choreography that stick in your brain. These are published on YouTube and other services. With this song, though, they take an enormous leap forward, and put everything on the table for a brand new song.

And it is break-out event level brilliant.

It all comes together in I Miss You. The musicianship of Broken Peach comes together with their flair for production design for this one, as they draw on the retro-futurism Steampunk trope to tell the tales of newly constructed androids who yearn for love.

When cover bands come out of the creative closet with their own songs, these songs tend to be mired in pedantry, old tropes for melody lines, unchallenging harmonies, or boring performances.

I Miss You suffers from none of these. The song is emotionally engaging, with a beautifully and honestly built melody line, harmonies that do not get in the way of that melody, and lyrics that immediately grab you by the heart strings, for who among us has not felt what the song describes? We are taught that it is somehow wrong to be in love with the idea of being in love, yet still we sometimes feel the loss of something we have not yet acquired, to be homesick for a place we have never been. It is a deep yearning, and part of being human that we seldom acknowledge.

With I Miss You, Broken Peach proves that not only are they ready to take the next step forward into originality as a band, but that they have what it takes to go all the way.

If you want to buy this track for yourself, you can find it on Apple Music via this link.

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