In today’s Video of the Day, The Z Word, a quirky city dweller is forced to defend her place in an apartment when her roommates decide to replace her with a friendly, unsuspecting zombie.

It’s a Zom-Com.

This is classic comedy format, essentially the three-cameras-and-a-couch formula pioneered by All in the Family on American Television, and based on the British series Till Death Do Us Part. Appropriately, it’s death and our discomfiture with the whole idea of dead people walking around loose and our societal strictures against offending people taken to their logical and comedic extremes.

Created by Dark Passage Films, The Z Word stars Skye Stracke, Amy Laviolette, Hannah Chloe Kaplan, and Briana Cortesiano. It is written, directed, and produced by Usher Morgan. It represents his last work with cinematographer Louis Obiaha. The sound work was done by Mike Mazzilli.

Dark Passage Films is an independent film production and distribution company located in New York City. The company engages in the development, financing, production, distribution, and marketing of independent motion pictures, short films and documentaries. The company was founded by Usher Morgan in 2016 after the release of his debut film, Pickings.

Some of their productions include Prego, Trapped inside, Windblown, The Last Frost, HomeBound and Crowned, as well the feature-length film, Pickings.

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