Today’s Video of the Day turns the trope of the bull in the china shop on its head in this charming student animation project, Bull’s Bowls. Like most student projects, this one is a short subject, essentially exploiting a single concept to show us a side of life we might never have otherwise considered.

Bull’s Bowls is a one-minute animated short about a Bull that owns a China Shop. Things get a little out of hand as he tries to help his first customer find what she’s looking for. The film is a student film project created at the Utah Valley University by: Gabriel Coppieters, Savannah Hoffmeier, and Kaitlyn Andrus. The music came from OYStudio, QubeSounds, and Music Unlimited from Pixabay. The sound effects were derived from various artists who submitted to

We love projects like these, because they show that the spark of creativity and ingenuity continues to thrive, and that the future of animation is bright indeed.


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