TV producer Dean Devlin has confirmed an exciting addition to the fantasy-adventure TV landscape: a spin-off to the well-loved series, The Librarians.

The Librarians is renowned for its intriguing premise – The Library, a covert storehouse of magical artifacts deemed too perilous for public knowledge or usage. The items within range from Arthur’s legendary sword, Excalibur, to the Borgias’ unique jewelry and a collection of ancient Egyptian art.

Historically, the series has focused on a single Librarian, whose mission is to gather and safeguard these magical artifacts from misuse. However, between 2014-2018, the series’ protocol was revised to include three Librarians-in-Training aiding the primary Librarian. Devlin has yet to disclose the cast of the new spin-off, keeping fans guessing about the potential return of the former ensemble.

The upcoming spin-off, titled The Librarians: The Next Chapter, is set to air on the CW network in the US.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter will introduce a time-traveling Librarian hailing from the past, now marooned in the present. Searching for familiarity, he revisits his former castle, now transformed into a museum. This surprising shift triggers the inadvertent release of magic throughout the continent. Although this spin-off introduces a new protagonist, the storyline leaves room for potential nods to the previous series, including a possible return of Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), who became immortal alongside caretaker Jenkins (John Larroquette). Fans are holding out hope that the former Librarians-in-Training will make cameos or even become co-stars.

As of now, the release date for The Librarians: The Next Chapter remains unannounced.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

Susan Macdonald is the author of the children’s book “R is for Renaissance Faire”, as well as 26 short stories, mostly fantasy in “Alternative Truths”, “Swords and Sorceress ”, Swords &Sorceries Vols. 1, 2, & 5, “Cat Tails” “Under Western Stars”, and “Knee-High Drummond and the Durango Kid”. Her articles have appeared on’s web site, in The Inquisitr, and in The Millington Star. She enjoys Renaissance Faires (see book above), science fiction conventions,  Highland Games, and Native American pow-wows.