Peacock just released the trailer to their upcoming series, Mrs. Davis. It’s a bit hard to explain, but as this is from Damon Lindeloff of Lost fame, of course it’s a bit hard to explain.

Trailer park

Mrs. Davis is an A.I. that seems to have a hold on citizens of the world. When she wants to talk to you, you pop in an earbud and listen, then do what she tells you. Do you have a choice? Probably, but with our fascination with A.I. (Midjourney, ChatGPT), many people in the series find it hard to resist her. There are those who do resist, like Simone.

Betty (The Tomorrow War) Gilpin stars as Simone, an A.I. hating nun who’s chosen by Mrs. Davis to search for The Holy Grail. THE Holy Grail. As in, “Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Holy Grail”. Thus begins a globe hopping adventure that includes resistance fighters, chase scenes, people pledging their lives to a computer program, and Margot (Cocaine Bear) Martindale as a partying Mother Superior.

A face that says, “Let’s Party”

The series also features Jake (The Right Stuff series) McDorman as Wylie, Simone’s ex-boyfriend who’s part of the resistance against the A.I. Andy (The Outer Banks) McQueen, Elizabeth (Homeland) Marvel, Ben (The Nevers) Chaplin, Chris (Giant Robot Brothers) Diamantopoulus, and David (Scream) Arquette are also part of the cast.

Lindeloff and Tara Hernandez created the series, with Hernandez serving as the showrunner. Susan Rovner helped develop the series for Warner Brothers television. When Rovner moved to NBC-Universal, she outbid all other broadcaster and streaming services for the series. Owen Harris and Althea Jones serve as Executive Producers and will also direct several episodes.

The timing of this series is pretty relevant. With our obsession with ChatGPT and art programs like Midjourney (which I admit, I use for fun), the series shows that if we’re not careful, Artificial Intelligence can consume our everyday lives. The show will definitely be like nothing you’ve seen before.

Mrs. Davis debuts on Peacock on April 20.


Gary DaBaum
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