Join us this Saturday and Sunday at 4 PM Pacific time for a special edition of The Event Horizon, when hosts Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow welcome game designer Neal Hallford to the show to talk about the 30th anniversary of the release of one of the most legendary adventure games in RPG history: Betrayal at Krondor. The events of the game are set in the fantasy world developed by Raymond E. Feist in his Riftwar novels. 

The Midkemia is a realm of enchantment and ancient magic where elves, dwarves and man once battled an unimaginable evil across rifts in time and space. The legends tell of a boy named Pug who would become Master Magician. His friend, Tomas, would wield the unearthly armor of the Valheru and command the armies of Elvandar to fight the final titanic battle at Sethanon. In Betrayal at Krondor, you experience a new tale in the Riftwar legacy.

Hallford is planning a Betrayal at Krondor / Dynamix anniversary meetup. It will take place in Eugene, Oregon, at the McMenamins North Bank on June 23rd at 7 pm Pacific time. The event is open to the public.

“We will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Best Game of the Year of 1993, Betrayal at Krondor. Join us at the McMinamin’s North Bank Pub to have some food, swap stories with friends new and old, and be reminded of how Dynamix and Betrayal at Krondor changed our lives.”

Hallford is taking the opportunity the meetup represents to promote one of his favorite charities, Reading is Fundamental.

Hi everyone! I want to take all the tremendous enthusiasm for Betrayal at Krondor’s 30th anniversary to help promote a cause that I know is near and dear to the hearts of most of BAK’s players: literacy. For most game fandoms, it might seem counter-intuitive to have a developer pushing reading, but in Krondor’s case, it would have been a completely different experience if we’d not framed the game as an interactive novel. If John Cutter and I hadn’t grown up as passionate readers, the world would never have had Betrayal at Krondor – at least, not as you know it.

For this reason, I’m appealing to you during our celebrations to donate to RIF – Reading Is Fundamental. This fantastic organization supplies books to disadvantaged school children as well as supporting literacy programs across the United States. Your donations will help spark the imaginations of the next generation of readers, and ensure that love for the written word never dies. I encourage you to visit to explore the multitude of ways that you may donate or otherwise become involved with this worthwhile charity.

Donations are NOT in any way required to attend or otherwise participate in the in-person Eugene meet-up or online BAK celebrations. If you’ll help us spread the word about this charity, I’ll be deeply grateful for your efforts.

Just by way of disclosure, I am not personally affiliated with RIF nor receive any kind of compensation from them. This is simply an organization that’s been on my radar since I was a kid, and I’d love for our BAK celebrations to translate into doing something good for our friends, fans, and the worldwide reading community.

Thank you!


Hallford is a game designer, producer for Swords and Circuitry, a scriptwriter,

Betrayal at Krondor, and its sequel, Betrayal in Antara, can be had on Steam in an inexpensive bundle if you would like to try these award winning games.


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