Even Though I Knew the End - C. L. Polk

Join us February 4, 2023 at 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern for a new edition of The Event Horizon, this time with author C.L. Polk, here to discuss their new supernatural murder mystery from TOR Books (and the fifth book by her currently available on the bookshelves) entitled Even Though I Knew the End. They joins hosts Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow for some fascinating conversation about their sudden emergence into the field of fantasy, coming in at the top after having skipped most of the usual trevails that usually encumber new writers.

Even Though I Knew the End is a sapphic noir supernatural murder mystery. The characters are vibrant and real, and so is the vintage 1940’s Chicago in which the story is set.

C. L. Polk is the author of the World Fantasy Award winning novel Witchmark, the first novel of the Kingston Cycle. After leaving high school early, they have worked as a film extra, sold vegetables on the street, and identified exotic insect species for a vast collection of lepidoptera before settling down to write silver fork fantasy novels. Polk lives near the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta, C. L. has had short stories published in Baen’s UNIVERSE and Gothic.net, and contributed to the web serial Shadow Unit.


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