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British actor David Harewood, best known here in the States for playing J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter on the CW show Supergirl was honored by King Charles II in his first New Year’s Honours list. He is now David Harewood, OBE.

“OBE is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, the MBE a Member of the Order of the British Empire and the CBE a Commander of the Order of the British Empire”

“The New Year’s honours have been awarded since Queen Victoria’s reign in the 19th century and aim to recognize not just well-known figures but people who have contributed to national life through often unsung work over many years. ” It is traditional in the UK for the monarch to announce which subjects are to be honored at the New Year and at the monarch’s birthday. The New Year Hinours List was King Charles’ first opportunity recognize noted actors, athletes, scientists, and business executives.

In addition to actor David Harewood, Queen guitarist Dr. Brian May, “fashion designer Mary Quant and artist Grayson Perry were also honored, and Melinda Simmons and Deborah Bronnert, Britain’s ambassadors to Kyiv and Moscow respectively, both received damehoods for their services to foreign policy.” Climate change expert Alok Sharma was also knighted, as were atWest Chief Executive Alison Rose, the first female CEO of a major British Bank and Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis. Male knights have the honorific Sir before their first name; female knights are addressed as Dame (first name) [for example, Dame Maggie Smith, who was knighted in 1970.]

To reflect the modern multicultural UK, the 2023 New Year Honour List has many POCs, David Harewood, CBE, Sir Alok Sharma, and many others who are loyal British subjects, but not of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Many females were honored. Anita Frew, the first female chair of aerospace firm Rolls Royce, is now Dame Anita; fashion designer Mary Quaint was also made a dame.

“Four members of the England women’s soccer team received honours, with captain Leah Williamson awarded an OBE, while the tournament’s golden boot winner Beth Mead, defender Lucy Bronze and all-time top scorer Ellen White received MBEs.

The team’s coach, Dutch national Sarina Wiegman, received an honorary CBE – a type of award given to foreign nationals.”

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David Harewood, OBE was born 8 December 1965 in Small Heath, Birmingham, England. His parents had emigrated from Barbados a few years before.

SciFi, Fantasy, Horror Roles

Harewood played J’onn J’onzz in Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse. In the Dr. who episode, “The End of Time,” where David Tennant morphed into Matt Smith, Harewood played Joshua Naismith. In the 2007-2009 Robin Hood starring Jonas Armstrong, Harewood played Brother Tuck. He was Frankenstein’s Creature in Frankenstein’s Wedding (2011). In The Man in the High Castle, Harewood played Equiano Hampton. In Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands he was Scorann.

Other Roles

Harewood co-starred with Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager as Joel Steadman. He played Nelson Manela in the biopic Mrs. Mandela (2010). In The Pirate Prince (1991) he played Jean-Baptiste. In The Merchant of Venice (2004), Harewood played the Prince of Morocco.

David Harewood has been married to Kirsty Handy since 2013; they have two daughters. As the wife of an OBE, she has no special title or distinction. Sir Brian H. May’s wife, actress Anita Dobson, is now Lady May.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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