Louie Zong’s signal/noise reminds us that the world is not, in fact, all about doomscrolling through social media.

Louie Zong is both an accomplished musician and composer, he’s also a gifted creator of animation, and a professional illustrator. Each of his music videos on his YouTube channel features animation he has created himself. He doesn’t sing on this track, though — the vocals in each of his videos is generated, using software called Virtual Singer.

He is prolific as well, with an astonishing discography including over 130 albums at this writing. He’s constantly adding more. We’re not sure how somebody makes this much art and music has time to sleep or eat, to be frank.

Enjoy this confection from Louie Zong, featuring a delightful saxaphone tail piece by Turner Perez.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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