Scifi fandom favorite CosmoMoose is back with a brand new track from their new album, Hypersonic Hyperdrive.

If you listen to, you’ve heard the music of CosmoMoose (Chris Medway of Devon, UK). He’s got a number of singles in the standing playlist, and even wrote the theme song for one of our best and oldest geek talk shows, Docking Bay 94.

With this newest release, CosmoMoose taps into his Jean-Michel Jarre vibes to create a high energy electronica romp.

This catchy thrill-ride synth piece is the first single from his forthcoming album. Hope you enjoy this music video as much as I did making it. Available from…, the release date 16 September 2022, so that’s just two days away.

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And of course, we’re adding this one to the playlist, so you’ll be hearing it if you stay tuned in. Enjoy.


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