Happy Birthday to actor Alexander P. Enberg (Vorik on Star Trek: Voyager), who turns the big Five-Oh on Tuesday, April 5.

Alexander Enberg played Ensign Vorik in eight episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. He played a Malon engineer in one episode (Juggernaut). Enberg appeared twice in Star Trek: the Next Generation, once as a 19th cebtury reporter in Time’s Arrow, and once as a different Vulcan engineer, Taurik, in Star Trek: Lower Decks. He also voiced Ensign Austin Chang in the videogame Star Trek: Elite Force II.

Enberg’s character Vorik was a Starfleet engineer aboard the U.S.S. Voyager, and one of two Vulcans to survive its cataclysmic arrival in the Delta Quadrant. Stranded in the Delta Quadrant for his first Pon Farr, far from both Vulcan and his intended bride, or indeed any other Vulcan female, Vorik chose B’Lanna Torres for his kunat so’lik, citing her skills, bravery and morality for his declaration. She declined; finding no relief in a holographic female and mental disciplines, he initiated a telepathic mating bond with her which unleashed her own Klingon mating urge. Torres fought him briefly in combat after she declined again, but the combat broke the plak tow fever. Vorik finally resumed his duties with no personal damage toward Torres.

Alexander Enberg’s mother, Jeri Taylor, is the author of the Star Trek books Unification, Mosaic, and Pathways. She was a scriptwriter and producer for Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Next Gen. She also worked on Quincy.E., and Jake and the Fatman. Alexander Enberg appeared on both those shows as a young actor early in his career. His father was sportscaster Dick Enberg, best known as the voice of the San Diego Padres.

In addition to his acting career, Alexander Enberg was special effects designer for the films Never Say Macbeth(2007) and Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass(2006). Whether he remains an actor or continues as a special effects artist, we wish him well in his theatrical career, Happy Birthday, Alexander P. Enberg!


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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