If you’re like us, you’re a gadget freak, and that extends to your wristwear. Naturally, we couldn’t resist the urge to create our own custom watch face—and of course, there was no way we weren’t giving it away for free.

You can have SCIFI.radio’s classic blue planet logo with its mysterious orbiting space station right on your wrist!

All you need is an Apple Watch or an Android-compatible Wear OS based watch (like the Samsung Watch 4 or Samsung Watch 4 Classic) and a free application called Facer that lets you load custom watch faces.

How to Get Your Free SCIFI.radio Watch Face

  • Get the Apple Watch version of Facer here.
  • Get the Wear OS version of Facer here.

Install the app on both your phone and your watch. Once that’s done, the only thing left is to install the watch face itself. Use the links in the images to the right to find the SCIFI.radio watch face for your watch.

You can also search for SCIFI.radio in the Facer app on your phone and get it that way. Use the magnifying glass button to enter search mode, and enter SCIFI.radio. Every watch face we offer will appear in the search results, and you can select the watch face and install it.

Did I say “every watch face”? Periodically we will be releasing new science fiction or fantasy themed watch faces. Some will be free—others won’t be, with proceeds going to help the station stay on the air.

Enjoy your new free SCIFI.radio watch face. The best is yet to come!


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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