You met him in Big Hero 6, you love his round little face – and now everyone’s favorite healthcare companion is returning to screens in 2022 with the Disney+ animated series Baymax!

Baymax is Walt Disney Studios’ first animated original to join the Disney+ exclusive lineup, focusing on the misadventures of the gentle giant who saved the day in Big Hero 6 with his combat skills. Now, he’s serving his true calling on the streets of San Fransokyo bringing his unique brand of healing help to citizens in less dramatic forms of need.

Trailer Park

The trailer, which was released as part of the Disney+ Day news deluge that hit on November 12, showcases essentially that: Baymax offering an elderly woman fitness advice, teaching school children how to properly apply bandages, guiding a harried coffee shop owner in treating a sprained ankle while offering her the necessary in store help to allow her to properly heal. It’s all done with an incredibly charming sense of humor and an earnestness that toes the line of cheesy without stepping over to become an actual joke – it’s chuckle worthy because it’s slightly awkward and just plain adorable.

What looks most interesting about this series is the fact that it shows the other side of being a hero. It’s worth remembering that Big Hero 6 does fall under the Marvel properties umbrella. It’s also true that the film does take place outside the scope of the MCU. However, the MCU movies themselves have shown the hokier things like detention PSA’s from Captain America, the less dramatic and exciting aspects of a hero’s life. What this trailer shows us is essentially Baymax’s off hours hero work. With a lighthearted twist, we get to see the mechanical marshmallow doing what he was designed to do: helping people to be healthier. Small steps can mean a lot, and too often in our world people do themselves greater harm by not looking after the little things.

It’s like the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – in Big Hero 6, Baymax saves the day with a pound of cure. When Baymax debuts in Summer of 2022, he’ll be the solo little ounce of prevention he was always meant to be.

Adorable, overstuffed, slow but steady prevention – and it looks to be a fun show that will definitely cure the blues.


Elizabeth Carlie
Elizabeth Carlie

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