NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2021  — Neal Adams, the artist behind some of the world’s most famous Marvel and DC Comics has unveiled his latest masterpiece, Hash Rush; a comic set to be the rarest in the world. 

World's Rarest Comic Unveiled by Marvel and DC Comics Legend Neal Adams To Be Immortalised as NFT by Vorto Gaming (credit:  Anthony Morrow) (PRNewsfoto/Vorto Gaming)
World’s Rarest Comic Unveiled by Marvel and DC Comics Legend Neal Adams To Be Immortalised as NFT by Vorto Gaming (credit: Anthony Morrow) (PRNewsfoto/Vorto Gaming)

As Adams’ first original work in over two years, the publishers behind Hash Rush have created a one-of-one first edition ‘Legend’ issue, printed on gold aluminium in honour of the iconic artist. As the only one of its kind, it is the rarest comic in the world and will also be minted as a piece of digital art and made available as a NFT via auction; details of which will be announced in the coming days.

In celebration of Adams’ stellar career, Vorto Gaming has also created 80 first edition ‘Crystal’ issues of the comic. Each distinguished by the chromium finish to the front cover that like the ‘Legend’ issue will be digitalised into NFTs and sold as a bundle with their physical counterpart.

“Hash Rush is a story about overcoming adversity and fighting against evil to create a universe that prospers – echoing some of the recent challenges we’ve faced on earth,” said Neal Adams.

“It has been a while since I published an original comic and I’m glad to have made a brief return on this book, creating a story that I hope readers find fascinating; one in its infancy and will hopefully become part of a broader entertainment series in the future.”

The Eisner Award Hall of Famer announced back in May that he was teaming up with Vorto Gaming to produce the comic, with the potential to expand the series and ambitions of creating a Hash Rush movie.

“Neal is the most prestigious comic artist of our time. The legend is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece; a watershed moment and a piece of entertainment history. A number of comics have fetched $1million this year. Could we be in that league? I think so.” Said Nathan Zeidonis, Creative Director at VZ Games, the original developers behind the Hash Rush video game.

Vorto Gaming also announced the commission of 2,500 first edition paper-based ‘Hash Rush’ issues, each with an accompanying NFT, that will be available to buy for $150 via the Vorto Network from Thursday 4 November.

Comic enthusiasts, collectors and gamers looking to get their hands on the items will need to sign up to the Vorto Network for free by visiting

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