This is one of the better Tomb Raider fan films we’ve ever seen. Written and directed by Josh Mason, and starring Sara Frietas in the title role, Tomb Raider: Power of Atlantis is a love letter to both the wildly popular game franchise created by British game developer Core Design, but the Tomb Raider films as well.

Costarring Cory Coffman, Dylan Scott and Derrick Ha, it’s got a distinctive 90’s vibe to it. There’s a little blue language, and some of the actors are better than others, but despite this, it’s a pretty decent film. It’s hard to do a sweeping epic story on a budget, but the ensemble cast does a pretty decent job of creating something worth watching.

Fan films are important – they’re stepping stones to more professional work, and sometimes you can see the seeds of greatness in them. We definitely see some sparks here.



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