Though Star Wars fan films abound, Star Wars: Redemption isn’t a fan film. It’s a fan-made game demo, and it is an absolutely jaw-dropping accomplishment. The man behind the project is Etienne Beschet, a French CG artist working mainly in the gaming industry. He does concept art, designing characters and environments, so he formed a production team called Square Phoenix. The rest of his team handled the programming, and Etienne did basically everything else.

Here’s the result:

The game is set in the time of the Clone Wars. It follows the adventures of a Jedi called Maveen, secretly disguised as a Clone Trooper following the execution of Order 66.

It features all sorts of ships, such as the Venator and Lucrehulk, all of which are completely boardable and traversable, as well as lucious worlds like Geonosis and a new planet, Lumberia! The demo features 3D platforming, gorgeous worlds, outstanding animation, flying simulator, some fancy lightsaber work, and a lot more.

This game does all of it, and looks like it’s been plucked out of an episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series.

How to Get the Star Wars: Redemption Demo

To get the demo, you’ll need to head over to and create an account. Once you have that, you can follow this link and get the game itself.

The download isn’t the game. It’s a text file, with a link to a Dropbox archive where the real game demo can be downloaded. The reason for this is that Artstation has a cap on the size of assets that can be downloaded from their portfolios, and Star Wars: Redemption, even as a demo, is a tad bit bigger than that.

Once you have the Dropbox link, keep track of it – Beschet he’ll be updating the game directly in this Dropbox folder, so you’ll want to hang on to it and check back periodically. There are also some wallpapers in the folder for your enjoyment.

Beschet says that the cinematic was probably the most challenging part of the project due to the animation, but it pushed the project into rarified air in terms of the quality of the production.

The renders were all made in realtime using Unreal Engine 4 or Marmoset Toolbag 4, with 3dmax and ZBrush used for modeling, and 3dMax for the animation itself.

The project was almost abandoned a year ago, but public interest driven by the YouTube channels Familly Bovine and EcksToo proved to Beschet and his friends that they were making something worth finishing.

We think they were right.


The Google Drive the game is stored on has already exceeded its download limit, but the Mega link in the text file you get will lead you to a working download of the demo. It’s a 2.9Gb download, and works only on Windows.

To play the demo :
- Unzip the archive file somewhere on your PC
- go in : "[Build Version number]\WindowsNoEditor folder"
- double-click on "StarWarsRedemption.exe"

- Game demo rules are simple : you have to catch little dragonflies, and reach the end of the level (killing all ennemies will be optionnal, but they need some more work ;))

Thanks for trying this little demo, we hope you will appreciate it !

Des Bisous ?

- The Square Phoenix Team


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