It’s May 25, the official Star Wars Day – it’s the 44th anniversary of the release of one of the greatest, most influential movies ever made: George Lucas‘ epic fantasy adventure, Star Wars. We could find no more fitting a day to bring you than Ryan Miorelli’s delightful animated short subject, Power Trip (A Gonk’s Tale).

Ryan Miorelli, wrote, produced, and directed Power Trip. Justin Bastawrose also served as producer, with walk cycle animations created by assistant animator was Ben Glueck. Ryan was responsible for the majority of the animation.

Watch. And have your tissues at the ready.

Power Trip: A Gonk Droid's Tale

A Gonk Droid’s Tale

From the director:

The greatest movie ever made looks as fantastic as ever on its 44th birthday.

In one way or another, I can trace everything from my career to so many fantastic people including the love of my life to Star Wars, and in my opinion, the one that started it all is the galaxy far, far away at its best. The simple character-driven narrative says all there is to say about good over evil and collective over self. We’re all Luke Skywalker wishing to be Han Solo until we’re old enough to aspire to be Princess Leia when maybe we should’ve been Chewbacca all along.

Anyway, I’m almost sorry to spam it again, but not quite. Power Trip is my little love letter to everything that A New Hope said to me when I was exactly the right age. I think the reason I’ve tweaked it is because I don’t have that much to say (since the movie says it all) but I want to make sure I say it perfectly.

Or rather, that Hannah Marie Seeger and the rest of a wickedly talented cast said it perfectly. (Which they did.)


The cast

NarratorHannah Seeger
GNK-1138-4EB / Jawa 1Aidan Petersen
Jawa 2Francis Conners-Schmid
Imperial RecruiterRyan Miorelli
Academy CommandantAndrew Marzka
Princess LeiaArielle Kaplan
Luke SkywalkerAndy Rudolph
Han SoloGreg Ochaba

The podcasting team called Holonet Mauraders created this charming animated film with Ryan. They have a Star Wars video podcast (vlogcast?) wherein each week they post a show in which they share the joy and delight they find in their chosen fandom.

Ryan Miorelli himself is an animator and graphic artist, and a regular contributor to the pages of SCIFI.radio as our Star Wars columnist.

It is a period of civil war … no not really but the Star Wars fandom is a bit divided. We’re here to bring positive vibes and hopefully make you laugh as we attempt to crush the negativity in the galaxy.

Welcome to HoloNet Marauders! We post a podcast weekly sharing our takes on recent Star Wars releases, coming up with fun games, and just sharing our love of this galaxy far far away with you.

Also do you have a T-14 Hyperdrive Generator by any chance? We’re contractually obligated to ask this.

SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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