The torrent of Gangnam Style parodies flooded the intertubes for an entire year back in 2012 when the original K-Pop music video by Korean rap artist Psy became a world-wide sensation when it became a hit on YouTube. We got some alternative interpretations of the performance that year, including one in Klingon.

Somehow, while enjoying all the spoofs that year, we missed a big one. Lo Pan Style redoes the song with the main voice being that of David Lo Pan, the main heavy in John Carpenter’s iconic Big Trouble in Little China. In the video, watch for all the fantastic costumes and situations from the movie, including the Kurt Russell role of the comically self-involved Jack Burton.

Despite the now-common take-offs on the original Gangnam Style, this one is so well made that it’s a must see.

The video was created as a collaboration between Fiction Pictures and Sire’s Crown, and features some solid performances from its dancers and performers. In the iconic recreation of the elevator shots from the music video, by the way, yes, that really is James Hong, the actor who played the original Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China.

For reference, here’s the original video by the South Korean pop star Psy. It is only by comparing the two videos that one clearly sees the genius and wizardry of the parody. It’s produced by Trey Everett, Jonathan Bruno, Wes Freitas and Mike Logenbach. Jack Burton was played by Wes Chatham. Grace Law was played by Benedicte Westbye,

Interestingly, the original song was also a parody. Psy was poking fun at the social elitists of the Gangnam District, an upper-crusty part of the city of Seoul, generally described as Korea’s Beverly Hills.

As for the “horse dance” itself. Psy had already built a reputation for his memorably silly dance moves. Keen to give his fans something unique, he and his choreographer spent a month coming up with Gangnam Style’s signature horse trot and lasso spin.

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