Paranormal events have captured imaginations for centuries. After all, who doesn’t love a good ghost story!? With the rise of reality TV in the ’90s, it wasn’t long before TV shows featuring paranormal investigations emerged.

L-R: Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis

As fun, adventurous dives into the unknown typically depict dramatic moments of cast reactions to what might be going bump in the night, some questions arise. How are these teams conducting investigations? Is there a method to their madness? Or are they simply chasing figments of overactive imaginations for the sake of the camera? For Ghost Hunters‘ Brandon Alvis (read our interview here) and Mustafa Gatollari, there is a very real scientific methodology when it comes to collecting empirical evidence – and the duo’s new web series, Formula of a Haunting – The Evidence, reveals just that giving fascinating insight into the unexplained.

Episode 1: Villisca Axe Murder

Debuting Formula of a Haunting is a 20 minute segment featuring a 2009 paranormal investigation of the J.B. Moore Home conducted by Alvis and his American Paranormal Research Association team. Located in Villisca, Iowa, this site was once home to the Moore family who, along with two guests, were brutally killed in their sleep one summer night of 1912. The lives taken include Josiah, Sarah, their four children and two visiting children from the Stillinger family. To this day, the identity of the individual(s) who committed such horrendous acts of violence remain unknown, leaving the case unsolved. However, rumors to this day still circulate surrounding the haunted property.

Providing up-to-date commentary over footage from this paranormal investigation, Alvis and Gatollari explain the methodology they use to measure and analyze the natural environmental conditions of this infamous home. As baseline data readings are established, commentary provides explanation behind essential electronic devices used to detect significant environmental changes.

While audiences looking for cheap scares may find this approach snooze-worthy at first glance, enough logic-defying evidence quickly emerges to provoke chilling questions. For paranormal nerds seeking scientific inquiry, such as myself, this peek into unexplainable shifts within controlled environments is more fascinating than dramatic reality TV. Take a look for yourself and watch the Formula of a Haunting premiere free of charge below!

Episode 2: Andres Pico Adobe

The second adventure of Formula of a Haunting takes us to the historical site of Andres Pico Adobe, one of the oldest ranches in Los Angeles, Calif. Established in 1845, the property was named after General Andres Pico of the Mexican-California armed forces. Although Pico never resided at this location, it was occupied by his son and daughter-in-law from 1873 to 1890. In the 1930’s, stories of chance encounters with the paranormal began to surface.

Although a lesser known location to the paranormal world, the Andres Pico Adobe is a haunting site that Alvis and his team have investigated on several occasions. This 20 minute follow-up segment opens with their first visit in 2009 followed by recently recorded commentary provided by Alvis and Gatollari. Utilizing EVP recording devices, the team asked numerous questions in English as they walk through the building, but to no avail. Receiving no interaction, Alvis’ team run into a dead end with their initial efforts. However, with persistence, a change in mindset and a modified approach, audio phenomena was instantly captured. This includes a soft whispering disembodied voice that can be heard clear as day. Check it out for yourself in the episode below!

By showing and explaining the process of each haunt investigation, this webseries gives more validity to paranormal research than gimmicks and dramatic effects often seen in reality TV. Knowing how carefully Alvis, Gatollari and the American Paranormal Research Association team guard against contaminated evidence, the collected evidence becomes much more real. This alone provides its own creep factor tightly wrapped in the perfect runtime for a web series of this nature. Although this series may not appeal to all demographics, it does offer an intriguing glimpse into paranormal investigation for those favoring empirical evidence over theatrics.

With only two episodes to date, Formula of a Haunting – The Evidence provides enough chilling insight into paranormal research to make the most hardened skeptic question whether there truly is life after death. Eleven more episodes are planned in this limited series with one episode hitting the internet each week on YouTube and social media. Stay tuned for more unexplainable haunting adventures and unexplainable phenomenon!


Brandon Long
Brandon Long