Today’s video is one of the latest music videos from Funk Turkey that center on the adventures of The Mandalorian. The appeal of Star Wars combines with Turkey’s solid musical skills to create something wonderful, and funny, and great to listen to.

Here is Funk Turkey’s TIE Fighter in the Sky: The Ballad of Moff Gideon, telling the story of one of the more central characters in the second season of the wildly popular series on Disney+.

Funk Turkey is a one of us. Kirt Conner in real life, he lives the heroism of being a father and breadwinner for his family at a job that challenges his daily sanity. It’s his wild creativity and prowess in creating new music (and music videos) for his fans to enjoy that keeps him – and us – afloat above a sea of mediocrity.

Kirt’s work isn’t just filk. It’s high production value, both in terms of the video productions for the music videos, but in the production of the music itself. This is studio grade stuff, and in our opinion his musicianship and attention to detail puts him within hailing distance of Weird Al Yankovich.

And yes, of course you’ll be able to hear this song in rotation here on as part of our Star Wars music sublibrary.

Enjoy the music video – if you want more Funk Turkey music, you can find it on iTunes, or hear more of it on Spotify and YouTube.


SCIFI Radio Staff
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