At the end of The Game Awards 2020 livestream, BioWare teased a new Mass Effect game. Based on the teaser, it appears to be a continuation of the Mass Effect 3 story.

The trailer starts with a camera flying through space, with various sci-fi clips over the radio (including War of the Worlds). Eventually, we see some debris, including a broken Mass Effect relay. The trailer ends with an Asari — presumably Liara — trudging through the snow on an icy planet. With a dead Reaper in the background, she picks up a piece of N7 armor and looks at her comrades in the background.

The official Mass Effect Twitter account tweeted that BioWare is in pre-production on what could likely be Mass Effect 4. The game was announced this November.

Will it be a continuation of the ME 3 story? A return to our galaxy? Or something new?

Unfortunately for the purposes of speculation, the Asari live for centuries. This doesn’t help us pin down the time period shown in the trailer. We know only that it’s after the defeat of the Reapers. At one point, Liara recovers a piece of N7-branded armor from the snow. You can’t tell much from this by itself, but it could mean that she is searchign for Shepard. We watched Shepard appear to die at the end of Mass Effect 3, but if you managed to get up to 4000 points of “Effective Military Strength”, you were treated to the image of Shepard’s body in the wreckage suddenly taking a breath.

While we’re waiting for the new Mass Effect, In the meantime, Mass Effect Remaster will launch in Spring 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with “forward compatibility and targeted enhancements.


David Raiklen
David Raiklen

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