Israeli actress Gal Gadot, the star of Wonder Woman and the upcoming Hedy Lamarr biography, will star in Heart of Stone, a new spy movie which is intended to be the first in a new series. Skydance Media hopes to add a feminine touch to such franchises as 007 and Mission: Impossible.

Heart of Stone is written by Greg Rucka (The Old Guard, Lazarus, Whiteout) and Allison Shroeder (Hidden Figures, Christopher Robin, Frozen II). Skydance Media is negotiating with Tom Harper (The Aeronauts, Wild Rose) to direct.

At the moment, “Skydance Media is keeping options open on whether this will be a theatrical or streaming bow. The film will be produced by Skydance Media’s David Ellison (Star Trek Beyond, Gemini Man, Annihiliation), Dana Goldberg (I Am Legend, Star Trek Beyond) and Don Granger (Gemini Man, The Old Guard), along with Gadot and her Pilot Wave producing partner Jaron Varsano, Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn. Varsano also produced Cleopatra, Irene Sendler, and Hedy Lamarr, all of which star Gadot.

Gal Gadot has signed an eight-figure deal. This would make her one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. As Forbes has pointed out, actors are generally paid more than actresses. Gadot stars as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984 which is scheduled to premiere December 25, 2020 in selected theaters and on HBOMax.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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