Dan Bull makes some of the best gamer music on the Internet, always with his head in whatever games are currently in the white hot spotlight of fan popularity. The result is a never-ending stream of rap songs that delight.

One of the biggest new things is the game Among Us, which is all about finding the murderous maniac about a spaceso of course Bull has it covered. Here’s his latest, Alone in Space, produced in conjunction with Bonecage.

Among Us is set on a spaceship called the Skeld. Crewmates try to identify Impostors, eliminate them, and complete tasks around the map, while Impostors’ try to covertly sabotage and kill the Crewmates before they complete all of their tasks. Players suspected to be Impostors may be eliminated via a plurality vote, which any player may initiate by calling an emergency meeting (except during a crisis) or reporting a dead body. Crewmates win if all Impostors are eliminated or all tasks are completed whereas Impostors win if there is an equal number of Impostors and Crewmates, or if a critical sabotage goes unresolved.

You can already hear lots of music by both Dan Bull and Bonecage on SCIFI.radio. We’re adding this one too.

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Words: Bonecage, Dan Bull
Music: Bonecage (https://youtube.com/jeffdutton10)
Video: Grimmstein (https://youtube.com/Grimmstein) #AmongUs


And speaking of Patreon campaigns …

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