As the lines between television, movies and streaming blur, new formats and new production companies become viable and rise to popularity. So it is with Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary and Daniel Vink, who form the core of Fury Fingers of Australia, who have found a way to make one web series after another and make it something that pays them well enough that they can afford to keep doing it.

Today we present the trailer for their newest effort, Love, Guns & Level Ups, an action-adventure rom-com set firmly in the geeking, gaming world. This hits us right in the doorbell.

Watch the trailer (pause the stream using the controller at the upper right – or on the bottom of the page if you’re on mobile, sorry about that – before viewing).

Online dating has never been so fun. Amidst an online video-game match – Bree, a confident cosplayer based in London England connects with the shy and charming Elliot from Adelaide Australia. Romance blossoms as bullets fly and swords are swung.
The two bond quickly and slowly infiltrate each other’s gaming life, social media and ultimately their idyllic, naive young hearts.

As their relationship develops so too does Bree’s cosplay and modelling career, creating an opportunity for her to tour Australia on the Supanova convention circuit. Bree and Elliot nervously agree: they are going to meet.

As they adjust to communicating in reality and without the constant reliance on gamer objectives or liking each other’s posts – a new relationship is formed based on their chemistry, closeness, love and lust. Opening the two young lovers up to a host of problems and concerns.

Can they make it work long distance? Is this just a fling? Can it go back to the way it was? How should Elliot handle his rage and jealousy as men ogle, comment and sexually berate the woman he admires? What game should they play tonight? Have they invested too much in this? Did they over commit themselves?

The trials and tribulations of young love are on display with an expressive background of diverse videogames and social media platforms. Love, Guns and Level Ups combines explosive action, light comedy and true romance with a tale of growing up where the characters grow, reflect and learn how best to recalibrate their passion for gaming, hobbies, social media, love and life.

LOVE, GUNS & LEVEL UPS Episode Breakdowns

  1. 3,2,1 – BATTLE! It’s ‘Love at First Fight’ as Feisty Bree and Reluctant Elliot meet on an online
    battle field. “Last Man or Woman” standing mean alliances are shaky at best.
  2. Bree and Elliot’s international friendship grows as they lean into each others social media and
    bond through shared gaming experiences. It’s happy days but Bree’s got big news to share.
  3. Elliot and Bree have plans to meet in person at the Adelaide Supanova Convention. She’s the
    featured Cosplay headliner, he has to wait in line like everyone else …
  4. Bree and Elliot play house in Zombie survival mode. Discussions about their future might tear
    them apart, if the Undead Horde don’t do it first.
  5. One last weekend together before Bree flies home. Elliot has prepared snacks, made day-plans,
    booked dinner reservations and schemed some Tactical Espionage.
  6. It ends as it begins. A chance meeting re-unites Bree and Elliot on the battlefield. Pack extra
    health packs.

Watch It Here!

You can see the entire run of episodes right here – once again, make sure you have the player paused while you do so. Battling soundtracks is nowhere near as much fun as you’d think.

Directed by Nicholas Cleary, Andrew Shanks
Written By Andrew Shanks, Nicholas Cleary,
Daniel Vink
Produced by Jodie Kirkbride

Elliot is played by Eduard Geyl
Bree is played by Lisa Fanto
Sean is played by Walter Buckley




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