The streets of London’s West End are empty, and have been for months. Streets normally thronged with tourists and busy Londoners are eerily quiet. Like the rest of the world, London has been shuttered due to Covid-19. Many of the famous West End’s shows have been cancelled, with shows like the long-running Phantom of the Opera closing permenantly. Fears of recovery for the renowned threatre district have been rife since the start of the lockdown in March.

Yet, in the distance, an unmistakable sound can be heard. Faint at first, but then louder, and louder still. VWORP! VWOORP! VWOOORP! It’s the fantasic sound of the T.A.R.D.I.S. here to save London once again!

Starting 17 Feburary 2021, Doctor Who fans will be treated to a West End show like none other. Located in a disused military drill hall in Mayfair now called Immersive | LDN, the Doctor Who theatre extravaganza Doctor Who: Time Fracture will transport theatre goers on an original adventure to save the planet.

Set in 1940’s London, at the height of the Blitz, a weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair and opens a rift in time and space. Tasked with stepping up to be the hero, audience members will face monsters and aliens, as well Cybermen and Daleks, along the way. Our heroic fans will meet Timelords and many other strange and mysterious characters on their journey through time and space.

The production is written by Daniel Dingsdale (Dark Tourism), who stated: “Drawing from the rich legacy of Doctor Who, which spans over half a century, we are creating an adventure that will entertain both fans that have immersed themselves in the show’s universe for years, and audience members who will walk in from the street having never seen an episode. It’s going to be an absolute blast.

Directed by Tom Maller, best known for his work on Secret Cinema’s Casino Royale, Blade Runner, and 28 Days Later, designed by Rebecca Brower, and in collaboration with BBC Studios. Immersive Everywhere serves as producer. With a team like this, there can be no doubt that Doctor Who: Time Fracture will be an unforgettable experience for all! Tickets are now on sale.

So Londoners, and everyone planning to visit our fair city next spring, dust off your theater clothes, because we’re going on a fantastic adventure!

On second thought, you may want to leave those fancy evening clothes in your wardrobe for this one. We all know how things go with the Doctor.

As a great man once said: Allons-y!


Sidney Fraser
Sidney Fraser

Sidney Fraser is an American transplanted to a new life in London, where she explores fannish and geeky places, events and creations, which she relates in the continuing True and Proper Adventures of Sidney Fraser.