This gritty new trailer shows a dark Pokémon universe.

Welcome to Pokémon Dark Edition. This staggeringly well-realized trailer follows the story of a father named Ricky as he delves into the murky underbelly of the Pokémon world. He’s on the trail of Team Rocket, hoping to find his missing daughter.

Featured Pokémon include fan-favorites like Charizard, Machamp, Quilava, and Meowth, dressed in a sports jacket and dangerous as they come. The scenes detail Ricky’s discovery of a network of illegal Pokémon cage fighting arenas, and the imagery of the creatures forced to fight for the pleasure of humans is stark yet electrifying.

The trailer was made by a group of 3d graphic artists known collectively as NoOne, who have years of experience working at some of the biggest computer animation studios in the world. The team also shows some of the behind-the-scenes models so that we can get a better look at the Pokémon in the trailer, with their favorite being Meowth due to his “creepy/scary and dangerous” design.

So how long does it take to make something like this? In this case, two and a half years. It had to be done in off hours, in the team’s spare time. Even though It was a project with a budget of zero, it was still one born of artistic passion, and it shows in the final result. The team would love to make more trailers based in the PokUmon universe, and they are cooking up plans to do just that.

Considering how look it took to make this one, though, we may be waiting a while.

The trailer is completely a fan production, and no money was solicited from the public to produce it, and it’s being distributed free.

Directed by :

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Music and SFX :

Mix & sfx by Pierre HOULE Wheel Creation :

casting :

  • Dominic GOULD
  • Claire ENGLISH


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