Ampersand Records USA today announced a new Coronavirus Comedy Song by DUCK VENUS (fictitious character) aka Dark Venus and featured on her YouTube channel. The song paints the picture (in cartoon style) what would happen if a Duck got the virus. “We already know how contagious the Coronavirus is amongst humans,” says Dark (DUCK) Venus, who started her YouTube channel back in 2018. “But what would happen if an animal were to be the transmitter?”The story (which is purely fictional) portrays a little cute duck that catches the virus and in turn, innocently starts a chain reaction of infection in her small farm community.

“Under the current lockdown, I think a lot of people will enjoy this new release,” says Robert Harris, CEO at Ampersand Records USA. “The song (which is original) is memorable as well.”

The lighthearted scenes follow the “paths of the pathogen” as the victims unknowingly spread the virus from one person to another. With a surprise ending, the little duck finds a way to seek revenge on the real source of the virus.

About Ampersand Records USA:
Since 1977, Ampersand Records USA has produced music of various styles for many major record labels which includes Universal UMG (Johnny Cash- The Great Lost Performance), Atlantic, Mercury, Sony as well as hundreds of independent labels.


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