It was the weirdest coincidence that Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom: Eternal both came out the same day, March 20. It took no time at all for the internet to notice this, and with the adorable duo of Isabelle, the puppy girl from Animal Crossing, and Doom Slayer (aka “Doom Guy”) already taking the internet by storm, it was almost impossible for somebody not to have created a mashup of the two.

What we did not expect was that this mashup would be musical, that it would be accompanied by an animated music video, and that it would work so well as a bizarre blend of sweet puffy animals and demon gore.

Here is The Chalkeaters’ new song, Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons. Watch Isabelle take out her frustrations with the utter vanilla boredom of her day job on endless worlds of demon hordes.

Pause the music stream using the controller at the upper right before watching.

Natalie Natchan is perfect as the voice of the surprisingly bloodthirsty Isabelle. The musicianship is strong, skillful and tight. The song by Alios, together with the composition and arrangement skills contributed by Ergy, strikes a delightful – and equal – balance of bouncy J-Pop and heavy metal. The animator Yumi the Cat brings the drawings of Pontis and Hunternif to life.

Listen to the FULL VERSION:

The Chalkeaters are a gaming music project based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They make comedy songs and music videos about video games, gaming industry and related memes.

Will you hear this song on regular airplay on

Why, yes. Yes, you will.


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