Captain Jack (John Barrowman) is back … and pregnant with the next ruler of the Yalnix! Can he and his midwife / protector Jonty (Aaron Anthony) and Junior survive hunters set to kill the new heir to an empire, long enough for Jack to give birth? More importantly, will Jonty survive Jack’s mood swings in the meantime.

Writer Xanna Eve Chown, director Scott Handcock and producer James Goss give us this really fun and driven story. Just when you think you’ve seen Barrowman be really big, he gets to play pregnant mood swing and you realise you haven’t seen anything yet. I can only imagine the fun he had chewing over this script.

That being said this story doesn’t lack heart or want for a good story. The themes are relatively simple: Jack needs to get the baby to safety, hunters are after him and his protector and he are fighting “Odd Couple” style all along the way.

But in an hour long Torchwood adventure, that’s what I want. Yes, Torchwood can also do amazing epic stories, but sometimes you just want action and laughs. This is a tale that has that in spades. Add in a dash of Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) popping up to keep Jack out of even more trouble than he’s already in and you have a great listen to be expected!

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Doctor Squee