Three passengers awake on a train, stopped in mid-journey. They all they are on trains going to different destinations but don’t remember getting on. When a man comes through to talk to them they recount the stories of the last thing they remember, each with spooky undertones.

Torchwood again brings us a story centering on Bilis Manger (Murray Melvin) and the latest havoc he is causing. It seemed like a bold move to have him in his own adventure previously, but it’s a really great character to hang a story off and this tale exemplifies that.

It’s sort of an anthology story of the strange, with our three passengers recounting memories in which our anti hero figures prominently, not seeming to know that the person in the story is the one they are telling it to – adding a fourth story to this tight hour of drama aboard the train.

Melvin is a delight as always and oozes evil and charm in equal measure. I won’t spoil the ending, but it does speak to him being a more complex villain than most and it feels very satisfying. The guest cast are all wonderful. The characters are each flawed in their own way, which in true Torchwood fashion makes you question who’s side you should be on (there can be something a little seductive about Bilis for all his evil). This is a really cracking script by David Llewellyn brought to life wonderfully by director Scott Handcock with the cast.

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