Friends Jamie (Frazer Hines), Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Elliott Chapman) reunite after not seeing each other for a while as World War II progresses. Jamie & Polly’s commanding officer in the home guard seems a little erratic and doesn’t seem to follow military norms, events complicated by the mysterious and ever scatty Doctor. Why do our heroes not seem able to relate to the Doctor, how do they come to be part of the war and what does the Master (James Drafus) have to do with all of this, skulking in the shadows as he does?

The decision in a prior release to bring in a classic Master set before the ever missed Roger Delgado is brilliant. They have put the character through the prism of how they might have been written for in the early days of Who and James Dreyfus takes great delight in the roll. The Master is more scientific in his approach and more arch in tone, than the more modern anarchic Masters / Missy.

Our usual TARDIS crew are on fine form as always, Hines ‘ Doctor has so lovely flourishes that you’d forget it wasn’t Troughton himself.

The story is great. With the Doctor, sans his usual memories still being Doctor-like. Wanting people to concentrate on what they are fighting for as opposed to training his troops to kill. The companions are all written to at their best and all play a part working against the Master and breaking his mind control.

I love stories where they look at what remains of us without our memories. If we are put in other lives and situations will our moral compass point true still, or will be fall pray to deception? Both writer Simon Guerrier and director Lisa Bowerman are on their usual top form in this story, keeping a lovely pace whilst honoring the more methodical story telling of early Who. All in all, it’s a must for 2nd Doctor fans.

You can buy this excellent radio drama now as either CD or digital download here on the Big Finish web site.


Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee