Lucasfilm is giving us The Mandalorian, one half hour episode per week, on Disney’s Disney+ streaming service, and one of the biggest surprises from the show is what everyone is calling “Baby Yoda”. Technically called “The Child”, it seems clear that it’s the same species as Luke Skywalker’s original Jedi Master. Whatever it is, it’s almost excruciatingly adorable, so much so that Baby Yoda has now replaced Kermit the Frog meme GIF’s in popularity.

Today’s video of the day riffs on that popularity with a love song written to express Star Wars fans’ adoration of the new character. Have a listen.

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Despite the title of the song (in full, “Dear Baby Yoda: An Original Love Song”) it’s actually based on the song Dear Theodosia from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. It’s sung by the singing duo Ice2Ice, of Ringer Records.

This one may make you laugh and cry at the same time. Either way, as far as SCIFI.radio goes, this is Star Wars geeky gold.



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