In this Short Trip, the Doctor’s foppish military medic companion, Harry Sullivan is made a viral sensation whilst they try to save the lives of those aboard a ship trying to land on a very exclusive planet where a starlet is hiding out.

It is strange to hear Louise Jameson as the narrator of a fourth Doctor adventure where Harry and Sarah Jane are the companions. Obviously the legendary actors themselves are no longer with us to narrate their parts, and I’m sure Tom Baker is kept busy on full cast adventures for Big Finish – but as such a great actor Jameson soon gets you lost in this pleasant script by Eddie Robson, directed skilfully by Lisa Bowerman.

It’s really nice to see Harry used as a central character. He is all to often forgotten in the light of such huge presences as the Doctor and Sarah Jane, but he’s such a great character, if nothing else than for the others to have fun with. He is so painfully old fashioned and awkward, but none the less willing to learn and always about the right thing. This script and narration brings that out in a way that does justice to the wonderful original performance by the much missed Ian Marter.

The story is one with which I could have spent more time. I was very much enjoying having Harry back with us and the idea of someone who would be far from being at home with celebrity becoming a galactic star was fun. It is a good Short Trip, but I would love to have seen it become a longer adventure, maybe as a companion chronical with someone taking up Harry’s mantle? But as they say, they leave us wanting more, and there are worst things than that! I just hope we hear more from this character in future releases.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee