The new trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 shows off 10 new classic 2D events, alongside news from SEGA that the game will launch November 5 in America and November 8 in Europe.

SEGA announce the game last June, but tweeted the new trailer just today.

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The editing is a little on the quick side, but it does give you a good sense of what SEGA is doing with this. There’s rowing, the long jump, the 100 yard dash, and something that looks like a diving competition, and more. The trailer moves very fast, but you can get a look at several different sports in all of their 2D glory. Hurdles, rowing, a long jump, competition diving, volleyball, sprinting, and a bunch of others – they all use characters from the Mario and Sonic franchises.

The 2D events are supposed to be taking place in 1964, which is weird twice: first because the 2D pixelated graphics they’re emulating didn’t exist until the late 1980’s, and second because neither Mario nor Sonic existed in 1964.

The acceptance and popularity of retro gaming is strongly evident in SEGA’s decision to give the new game this mixed 2D and 3D approach for the Nintendo Switch game. It looks like a ton of fun – and, according to recent press on the game, it’ll make use of the new Joy-Con controller, making for some interesting game play. In the archery event, for example, you’ll have to hold your hands up like you were using a real bow and arrow.

Now if they could just do something about the ridiculously long title …


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