Writer Roland Moore again unites the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and Peri (Nicola Bryant) in a tale of memories and morality.

The Doctor and Peri land in the memory farm, a place where they seek to unlock the memories of an evil tyrant known as Moro (Joseph Mydell) who may or may not be guilty of the crimes he is accused of, as even he can’t remember. Things get really interesting when, after a long time of remembering nothing under questioning, Peri looks familiar.

This is a wonderful idea for a story. Where does morality and stand when the one accused of the crimes can’t remember committing them and can’t be proved to be guilty when they only have circumstantial eveidence? For that matter, if he remembers nothing of his life does guilt mean the same? Can a person be someone different if they don’t remember a dark past?

This is wonderful fodder for not only Baker to mull over, but this, more than most stories. gives centre stage often to Peri, and Bryant makes the most of it. The guest cast is wonderful throughout too. There are plenty of twists and turns, and it’s all kept apace by director John Ainsworth.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee