Since Cartoon Network and Rebecca Sugar wrapped up the fifth season of Steven Universe with a reconciliation of the Crystal Gems and the surviving Diamonds of Homeworld, Steven Universe fans have been reminiscing about past seasons and looking forward to something – anything – new on Beach City’s horizon.

They’re about to get their wish. At long last, the Crystal Gems and the residents of Beach City will be receiving a new visitor.

Pause the stream using the handy controller at the upper right before watching this video.'s TRAILER PARK

According to reports, two years have passed between the events of Season 5 and now. Steven has a NECK, and it’s kind of a big deal.

Watch Rebecca Sugar and crew gush over the design change.

We don’t know that name of this new antagonist, but she seems hellbent on not just harshing Steven Universe’s mellow, but killing him outright, along with every living thing on Earth. She wears an inverted heart on her chest, and her ship looks a lot like the resource harvester pylons from the Kindergarten where Amethyst was born. Whatever she’s doing with it, the Crystal Gems have about 41 hours to stop it before it destroys every living thing on Earth by sucking away the planet’s vital essence.

The movie makes its big debut on Cartoon Network on September 2.


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