The new Torchwood crew are back in Big Finish audio. But this time, after the flood at the end of the last boxset and God’s (Jacqueline King) defeat at the hands of the Committee, are they be too late?

A Mother’s Son by Alexandria Riley

Bethan (Mina Anwar) has come to Cardiff to find her son who has been missing since the floor that has so devastated the city. A chance meeting with a dazed and confused Orr (Samantha Beart) leaves her questioning her believe in her son still being alive. If she can find her son she will find answers to what happened and she is soon led to believe those answers start with a name some are whispering, Torchwood.

This is a really nice character and device to get us into this part of the series these three sets make up. Nothing is more relatable than a grieving Mother after answers. And along her way she finds Tyler (Johnny Green) doing good for a change but helping out those effected by the flood, as is Colin (Ramon Tikaram). Jack (John Barrowman) lurks in the shadows and pops out to try to help her. Now Director Andy (Tom Price) try’s to tell her the police can’t help. In her story we find where most of the cast are now in the story and what happened to them after the day Torchwood lost. This is a really great way to start the last part of the story, written so well by one of Torchwood’s own cast.

ScrapeJane by Robin Bell

 When some podcasters out to do a special on a Cardiff myth, ScrapeJane, one of them does not survive. Mr Colchester (Paul Clayton) and Ng (Alexandra Riley) are trying to concentrate on the work of Torchwood, even if Torchwood itself isn’t together right now. Shame as when the ScrapeJane of legend becomes all to real, they could do with some back up. And when she starts feeding on there very belief in her, it’s hard not to believe she is real.

In the midst of an on running story this feels like it’s of the piece, whilst also being a little bit stand alone as well. Mr Colchester is clearly my favourite of the new team and Ng is really able to develop into her own right after the story between her and Gwen is resolved. Who is she now? A question Mr C is also asking himself after his resurrection. As always with Torchwood they face their own demons along with the other kind.

Zero Day by Tim Foley

Cardiff runs out of water and the real riots begin. Andy is playing it tough and even Yvonne (Tracy-Ann Oberman) can’t get through to him. Orr, on a mission of love, manages to provide at least some water, but at what cost? And will the promise of water where there is none lead to more unrest as people clamber to get to it? Things have never looked so bleak and the day isn’t over yet.

The tension continues to mount as the scripts continue to test the character. Beart through this set plays the anguish or is in perfectly and keep so raising the bar as she takes centre stage. It’s nice to see Tom price get to play a different flavour in PC Andy and you really get to question if being in Torchwood’s orbit has got to even him.

Thoughts and Prayers by James Goss

The disparate remains of Torchwood must all try to keep fighting and come together in the last hours before Cardiff is lost once and for all. But when even God seems powerless to stop the end, who can?

I really don’t want to give anything the way about this satisfying and dramatic conclusion. All I will say is this is a complete team up in the way the end of this set needs to be. Every storyline is concluded to much aplomb and they, in trademark style set us up for a fantastic new story to come. An impressive last chapter of this series from the producer of the set, James Goss.

Wrapping Up

 This is not only classic Torchwood at its best, but also a showcase of how far the world has come along under Big Finish. The stories are larger than ever, the cast is one of the best yet and both individual and team stories are satisfying. Both director Scott Handcock and fore mentioned producer James Goss continue the legacy in a way Russel T Davies must be very proud of.

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