IT is finally here.

Today the highly anticipated trailer for It: Chapter Two premiered. The Losers Club is back, and they’re all grown up.

It: Chapter Two is the thrilling conclusion to the smash hit of 2017. In the new film, we find the Losers Club returning to Derry as the horrors they thought they stopped long ago have returned. The trailer opens with a seemingly innocent scene that fans of the book know all too well: grown-up Beverly Marsh visiting her childhood home. What appears to be a sweet old lady answers the door and shows her around. The encounter slowly goes from innocent to panic-inducing, however, culminating in the woman creepily saying “Are you still daddy’s little girl? ARE YOU?” She then appears to attack Beverly.

The rest of the trailer is scenes of the rest of the Losers Club, including some scenes fans of the book may recognize: the reunion at Jade of the Orient, Richie’s encounter with Pennywise at the City Center, the thousands of balloons under the Kissing Bridge, and what appears to be the Canal Days Festival. It all ends with the terrifying Pennywise encountering a young girl. His face appears as breaks into his signature creepy smile. “Hello,” he says, as the trailer ends.

It: Chapter One gave this series a great start, as it took the time to focus on the children’s half of it, giving us more of a complete story. So far it looks like It: Chapter Two will be giving us a thrilling finish.


Sam Strange
Sam Strange