Actor, Writer and Producer Walter Koenig

Green Valley, AZ – May 7, 2018 – Executive Producer Walter Koenig has called a halt to all work on the feature film In Search of Steven Spielberg, being produced by Caribou Moving Pictures and Lombo Bardi Productions, effective immediately. No reason was given for the decision.

In his email to the rest of the executive team, Koenig wrote: “I am grateful for [everything] all of you have done. Thank you for your time, energy and good intentions in trying to make this project.”

Timothy Bryant, Daryl Mallett, Ethan Moe and Joe Pena at Caribou and Nic Costa and Rob Taylor at Lombo Bardi echoed the sentiment.

“We want to thank each and every crew member, cast member, support staff, friends and family members who exerted their efforts to make this project a reality,” Mallett said. “We couldn’t have made it this far without you and we are so grateful for your support. We have other projects rolling and hope to work with each of you in the near future.”

The film was to have starred Michael York, Walter Koenig, Shani Wallis, Brinke Stevens, Peyton Wich, Gary Clarke and Rachel Cora Wood, among others. Both production companies will shift their attention to other projects already in development.

Caribou Moving Pictures will be filming suspense/horror short film Retrocausality, written by Joe Pena this summer, while science fiction short Greater Kitteon, written by Timothy Bryant, is in development. Mallett, Moe and author Mark Crockett are also in development on dramatic television series pilot Falcon Field, set during World War II for Dustbunny Productions. Lombo Bardi Productions shifts to a feature film they have in development.

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