Colin Furze, the self-taught mad-man of engineering, with the support of eBay (who provides him with all his parts), has built a full sized hydraulic powered Hulkbuster armor.

Powered by a combination of electric moters and hydraulics, this armor is made entirely of metal. It has the unfortunate lack of ability to walk, which would have made it the sensation of the geeking world, but even without that it’s still terrifyingly impressive.

It’s by far the most complicated thing Colin has ever made. With three hydraulic pumps, it’s made of welded steel and stands about 3.2 meters high (that’s ten and a half feet tall).  It features a flame thrower in its left hand, a power fist in its right, and is certainly powerful enough to accidentally punch through the brick wall of his house.  He actually has no idea what it weighs, but he says that “there is no one piece that can be lifted by one person”, so it has to be something on the order of two to three tons.

The Homemade Hydraulic Hulkbuster took about two months to make, and is the latest in a series of astonishing builds, from his own TIE fighter and AT-AT to Wolverine’s claws, Captain America’s shield, and a real working flying hoverbike.

Colin Furze is a YouTube personality, stuntman, inventor, filmmaker, and former plumber from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England. Furze left school at 16 to become a plumber, a trade which he pursued until joining the Sky1 programme Gadget Geeks. Furze uses his plumbing and engineering experience to build many contraptions, including a wall of death, the world’s longest motorbike, the world’s fastest pram, and a jet-powered motorcycle made with pulsejet engines.

Furze’s YouTube channel has 5.86 million subscribers as of 28 April 2018.


Gene Turnbow

Gene Turnbow

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